Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who can be evaluated through the preschool program?

A1. Children:

  • Preschool children, ages 3-5, not yet eligible for state-funded kindergarten.
  • Children enrolled in the Local Education Authority (LEA) schools including public charter schools.
  • Children who are suspected of being children with disabilities and in need of special education.
  • Highly mobile children, including migrant children.
  • Children who are detained or incarcerated in city/county operated jails or correctional facilities.
  • Children who reside in the LEA and are enrolled in home school/study programs.
  • Parentally-placed private school children.
  • Children enrolled by their parents in private, including religious schools located in the LEA’s jurisdiction

Q2. What information is required during the referral process?

A2. The information that is required includes:

  • Certified Birth Certificate (Must have local/state file number).
  • Social Security Card
  • Parent/Legal Guardian Photo ID
  • Proof of residency (current utility bill or rent/lease/purchase agreement)
  • Passed vision and hearing
  • Glynn County School System Registration Packet


Q3. What other documentation should be provided?

A3. If your child receives any private therapies such as behavioral, speech, occupational or physical therapy. If your child has a diagnosis, information from the agency that gave your child the diagnosis, and any medical information regarding the health of your child.

Q4. What happens at the screening appointment?

A4. Guardian and child attends the screening appointment. The child is assessed in five areas (cognitive, adaptive, social emotional, language, and motor skills). Guardian completes a social history about birth and development and provides any other information. The guardian will receive the results of the screening during this appointment.

Q5. What happens during the intervention period?

A5. Your child will receive interventions in one or more areas of delay (cognitive, adaptive, social emotional, language, and motor skills), based on the screening results in a small group with other children for 4-6 weeks with a teacher at FACES/Leaps and Bounds.

Q6. After the 4-6 weeks of interventions have occurred, what happens next?

A6. After the interventions have been completed, a meeting with the parent/guardian, school psychologist, intervention teacher, and intervention specialist will take place to determine the next steps for your child.