Leaps and Bounds Special Education Preschool

1900 Lee Street

Brunswick, GA 31520

Phone 912-267-4229

Fax 912-267-4195



Leaps and Bounds is located in the right hand wing of the Burroughs-Molette Elementary School building. The Leaps and Bounds office is located off I Street at the FACES entrance, located in the rear of the building. This school is a preschool special education program working in coordination with FACES Prekindergarten program, 1900 Lee Street, Brunswick, GA. We provide early intervention screenings for children ages 3-5 who show significant delays in 5 areas. To access services, a parent/guardian must complete a referral and schedule an appointment for the child to be screened. Prior to the scheduled appointment time, the parent/guardian is responsible for having the child's vision and hearing screened. This can be completed at your pediatrician's office or at the Glynn County Health Department. We can also do vision and hearing screenings on the school site, conducted by a school nurse.


To make a referral for the special education screenings held at Leaps and Bounds, parents/guardians are asked to call the FACES/Leaps and Bounds front office at (912) 267-4229. Parents/guardians will be asked to complete enrollment paperwork on the referred child to facilitate the initiation of services. Additionally, documentation of prior intervention will also be requested.

Babies Can't Wait referrals are initiated on children younger than age 3 during a transition meeting held with the school psychologist, parents/guardians, and Babies Can't Wait staff. To refer a toddler or infant (age 2 and younger) to Babies Can't Wait early intervention program, please call (912) 644-5806.


If a child is recommended for evaluation for special education services, a staffing is scheduled for a later time to consider the child's eligibility and potential service delivery. There are differing models of service delivery available. At this staffing committee meeting, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed which outlines the plan the teacher or Speech Language Pathologist uses for your child's support.

Services provided by Leaps and Bounds staff may include individualized screenings and assessments, the gathering of social history information, intervention services, educational programming, parent involvement and training, community awareness, referrals to other agencies, family instruction, and instructional assistance to prekindergarten childcare programs.

To make a preschooler referral for Special Education, please call 267-4229.